Tiaras vs Crowns

Before we discuss the difference today between tiaras and crowns, lets get a little history of them as things have changed over the centuries...

A “Tiara” is a jeweled ornamental headband worn at the front of a woman’s head on a horseshoe shaped band. A “Crown” is slightly different. A crown is an enclosed circular ornamental headpiece worn at the top or the crown of the head. Though no one knows for sure when or where they were first created, we do know that these symbols of majesty have been in existence since as far back as 1300 BCE. They were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, have been worn by Roman Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs and British Royals throughout history. Even the ancient Greeks celebrated victory with laurel leaf crowns.

Modern day tiaras and crowns are worn much the same though, of course, the materials have changed with the times and technology. Headpieces today are still handmade but now with gorgeous crystals and usually set in brass before being finish plated in silver, gold and rhodium.

Many of us will associate a tiara or crown with a beauty pageant with very good reason. Aside from the most prestigious and well known pageants like Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss World, there are thousands of pageants held each year worldwide. An impressive figure to be sure.

Dancers around the world still wear them…just think Swan Lake or the Nutcracker. And, of course, every little princess at Halloween has her tiara.

A very widespread use are the brides of the world. Their choices are diverse and extensive. Crowns, tiaras, vines, headbands and halos done in sparkling clear crystal, in a myriad of colors or in “something blue”, there is no doubt everyone can find the crowning glory they have dreamed about.

With all the choices out there today, it can be confusing trying to find that perfect “royal” look. To simplify, a crown is a full circle and can be fixed or adjustable. A tiara is on a horseshoe shape headband with either combs on loops on the ends. A headband can be worn across the forehead, on the top of the head or as a tiara. As a side note, there are also tiara combs whch are just the front of a tiara with a horizontal comb shooting off the back that can slide under a bun.