They are 5" tall and has with combs on each end. They are plated in Sterling Silver. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic.

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Katelyn D. (Fredericksburg, TX, US)
Gorgeous Tiara

Covid may have interrupted our community Stonewall Peach Jamboree, but it it didn’t stop Rhinestone Jewelry from getting us our order quickly and safely. As the current queen said, go big or go home. We love this tiara for our 2020 Peach Queen!

Ms. F.N.P. (Durham, NC, US)

We are proud to announce our 2018/2019 Queens in their Titan tiaras. Thank you Rhinestone Jewelry for always getting our products in a timely manner.

Ms. Purusha
Ms. Full-Figured NC Pageant

Lorrine C. (Pikesville, MD, US)

It's beautiful! We crowned our first Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. Queen 2017

Kathy (Cleveland, OH, US)

OMG..Way Over Due..But her birthday was a month away from when I ordered the Titan's Queen Tiara.
Ordered the titan's Queen Tiara June 20th 2017 It was here June 24 2017, So I called My Aunts daughter and she said- Wow that was fast.
I forgot to put the apt address left a message with jeff he handled my mistake without a phone call back to me. It was done... Professional all the way.
Received the Titan's Queen tiara stunningly beautiful...Shipping cost was great.. $7.50 for fast shipping...$7.50 for Elegant Headpiece = $15.00.
My Aunt loved her Titan's Queen birthday tiara, we played a trick on her with a fake tiara, she was mad because she heard beautiful details about her
Titan's Queen tiara and this was not it, the fake tiara did not have beautiful details.Two different classes of tiara's. she did not approve at all of the fake tiara, but when she seen her Titan's Queen tiara, oh my god, she screamed was excited She loved
it to the moon and back oh my god. The Titan's Queen tiara was breathtaking. She felt like a queen with her tiara and her party bus. She wants to Thank Rhinestone Jewelry Corparation for her gorgeous birthday gift, she celebrated her
birthday july 29 2017 she truly was the Queen of the night because the Titan's Queen tiara completed her cinderella birthday night. Over the top, excellent professional company, diamond like magical headpieces for any occasion... 100,000,000,000 Stars....

Dashae (Phoenix, AZ, US)

I absolutely loved this crown. The picture serves no justice to how beautiful the crown is in person. It's big enough to be seen and make a statement, without over doing it like a pageant crown would. Fine detailing and fast shipping and tracking, and delivery options. I won Homecoming Queen for my school along with my boyfriend being King. I hope this photo helps to make your decision. Be prepared to hear people say how gorgeous you are when wearing this crown!!